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9-12 On-Site

The on-site high school program is a classroom-based program for ninth through twelfth graders (9-12). The teaching and learning environment blends Montessori educational components with project-based learning instructional pedagogy in order to provide an optimal experience that engages students in multiple levels of higher-level thinking. Being able to meet with other students allow opportunities for collaboration and real-life application of concepts to prepare them for the challenges of college education and career.

Field work and field trips are very important for our students as it gives them various opportunities to explore and/or share their passions and interests. Students have different opportunities to participate in field trips throughout the year. Between first and second semester, students experience a one-week long field study linked to various themes, academic work, and service learning. This may include the arts, astronomy, environmental service learning opportunities, civic studies, an out-of-state trip, and much more. All certificated staff will plan and host diverse field experience options from which students choose.

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